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Presenting Data can be boring for the audience.

I often see speakers shows rows and rows of plain number. Zzzzzz! I can hardly stay concentrated on the presentation.

To help our audience stay focus and understand the data and we better use data visualization.

I already discuss about charts in “To boldly go beyond pie chart”. Today, I want to share some examples of creative data Visualization.

  • How Different Groups Spend Their Day – The New York Times

It is an innovative display of data and it is fun the play with the different category. Click on the link and try it

Creative chart from NYTimes

Thanks to @presentationzen for inspiring me this post with his tweet about the NYTimes.

  • Dozens of Data Visualization examples | Smashing Magazine

For dozens of cool examples of data visualization to inspire you, visit this post by Smashing Magazine: Data Visualization: Modern Approaches

Here a few examples:

Data 1 Data 2

Data 7 Data 8

Share with me: How do you visualize the data for your audience? Are you creative?

Posted by Denis François Gravel

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