Presenting data is more efficient with visual aids. Pie charts and bar graph are used everyday in presentations, meetings or reports.

We are used to them…..and sometimes bored by them. They often looked all the same.

This is a regular pie chart. The kind we sees regularly in presentation. This one is about Star Trek fans preference.

Pie chart

Questioned fans indicate « The Next Generation » as their prefer Star Trek (this detail is not related to my point. It is just to satisfy your curiosity). Source :

It is possible to add some creativity in the data presentation. If you have a creative visualization, you will keep your audience attention instead of boring them.

I suggest that you boldly go beyond pie chart (I am influenced by the last Star Trek movie. I loved it)

To help you, here is some examples of data visualization that goes beyond pie chart


This graph indicate the evolution of media: “we are going to take a little tour through the history of information, or more specifically, where to focus your efforts if you want get in touch with other people


If the world was village of 100 people, is a series of world’s statistics. The creativity of the visual is obvious.

Sexual Orientation Nation

More here : The World of 100

The last example illustrate the evolution of the difference of salary between an average worker and a CEO from 1970 to 2005. I am not an economy specialist, but it help me understand one of the problem that led to the actual crisis.

CEO Salary 2

CEO Salary 1

CEO Salary 3


Before ending this post, I added those to pictures of Star Trek. They have inspired the title: To boldly go beyond pie chart.

Those images are powerful. They capture the personality of Kirk and Spock. Enjoy them in full screen by clicking on them.

Star Trek WallpaperSpock Poster

Share with me: What creative visuals did you use lately?

Posted by Denis François Gravel

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