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Is « Atomic » a new method of creating a Powerpoint presentation?

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Is there a new presentation method in town? What to think about Seth Godin short text « the atomic method of creating a PowerPoint presentation »?

In a previous post about presentation design styles, I listed almost a dozens of methods. Is Seth Godin atomic method really a new method that I should add to the list or just a remix?

What is the atomic method
  • Create a slide for each sentence. For a five minute talk, that’s 50 slides.
  • Each slide must have either a single word, a single image or a single idea.
  • Break each concept into the smallest possible atom. If it’s not worthy of a slide, don’t say it.
  • Do the talk in practice. Remove slides and sentences that add no value or don’t move you forward.
  • Now (and only now), start consolidating slides. If two or three or four slides work together as one, then go ahead and make them one. You’ve got molecules now, not atoms.
What’s new or different?

Not much. All the points of the atomic method are basic good practices that you can find in other methods. The consolidation part is probably the novelty. I don’t remember seeing it elsewhere.

However the real difference is the theme and the branding: atoms, molecules, atomic method. That’s sound cool.


I don’t consider the atomic method to be a real new method, but everything helping spread good presentation practices is welcome.

Do you agree? You think it’s a new method? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.


Via Seth’s Blog: The atomic method of creating a Powerpoint presentation.


Posted by Denis François Gravel

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