If you use PowerPoint or Keynotes or another software while you are presenting, you can choose between different styles of design.

  • Assertion-evidence slidePresentation Zen style developed by Garr Reynolds (via speakingaboutpresenting.com)
  • Classic PresentationZen
  • Lessig Method
  • Duarte Design Diagrams
  • Ethos3 story-telling style
  • Comic style
  • Pecha Kucha
  • Kawasaki Method (aka the 10/20/30 Rule)
  • Takashi Method
  • Beyond Bullet Points Method
  • The boring Bullet Point. That is the most popular and less effective method.

For description of each method, you can read two excellent blog posts

  1. PowerPoint Design Methods by Presentation Advisors

  2. The Top 7 PowerPoint slide designs by Olivia Mitchell

Also, I wrote a post on the presenter responsibility vs. the design of the slides. Are you responsible for the horrible slides?

Share with me: Witch method work best for you?

Posted by Denis François Gravel