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Why this historic presentation fell into oblivion

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In 1968, Douglas Engelbart gave what should have been the technology breakthrough presentation of that time. Did you hear about it? Instead, if fell into oblivion. Why? How to avoid the same destiny for your presentations?


Screen shot of Douglas Engelbart 1968 presentation

In the 60’s, computer where big. They didn’t have graphic interface or mouse, and only a few people had the ability the work with them.

Although, an interactive computer with a mouse was a huge revolution. A step into the future. Remember, this is almost 20 years before the Macintosh*.

Unfortunately, this presentation didn’t win his place in history. For many reasons. One of them : it is boring. Go ahead. Try to watch it t’ill the end.  I didn’t succeed.


Doug Engelbart 1968 Demonstration from Nathan Garrett on Vimeo.

One of the keys of a successful presentation is to capture and maintain people interest. If you don’t, their minds will wander, they won’t get your message,and you’ll fall into oblivion.


Compare this presentation with the launch of the Macintosh by Steve Jobs in 1984. Same kinds of technology, but a radically different presentation. This is not boring at all…..and it made history.

The complete presentation is available on YouTube ( 44 minutes ) :

Now it’s your turn. Be passionate, be interesting, leave your footprint in history.

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Posted by Denis François Gravel


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* The Apple Lisa was the first personal computer available to public, but it’s another story.

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