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Office Sway: PowerPoint successor?

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Microsoft is announcing a new application in the Office suite: Sway. “An entirely different way to express yourself and bring your ideas to life”. Is this the end of PowerPoint?

A « Sway », that’s the name of the canvas created with the application, lives in the cloud and is easily shareable. It adapts itself to the different screen size: Web, tablet, smart phone.

Its intuitive interface and its automatic design is totally aligned with the need of our hyper connected world.

Is it an appropriate tool for a business presentation? Hard to say. Will it be possible to create or watch “Sway” offline? I haven’t read anything on that point.

Will Sway replace PowerPoint or will they both live side by side, each one addressing specific needs? We do not know yet.

Actually, Sway is on an invitation basis only. Will have a better opinion of the new application after having played with it for a couple of hours.

If it his as good as Microsoft says, it will be a success. With or without PowerPoint.

What’s your opinion?

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