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I Present Naked to the Board of Directors

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I Present Naked to the Board of Directors | Source : DavidBaeza on twitpic.com


New stunning campaign from Citrix for is GoToMeeting solution. A true eyes catching ad, with an intriguing message.

We collaborate Naked | Source : DavidBaeza on twitpic.comHow can you be naked to present to the board or to collaborate with coworkers? (see picture beside from Los Angeles Airport).

You have to use GoToMeeting. It is a solution for online meeting.

The message is simple: you can do your meeting from the comfort of your home without the office dressing code (or naked if you prefer).

Citrix targets a growing trend in business. Telecommuting (not nakedness!).

Pure effectiveness. I like that campaign.



Really naked

Is there people participating to online meeting naked? According to a recent study, yes (CNBC).

About one in five UK participants in conference calls have called in while naked. Almost half have worn only their underwear while 68 percent have only worn pajamas, a survey by BT Conferencing showed Wednesday.

Is it the start of a new trend?


How would you feel to really present naked?

In 2005 Garr Reynolds post a brilliant article: Make your next presentation naked. It is not about removing clothes, but removing everything that is not contributing to the message.

Being naked involves stripping away all that is unnecessary to get at the essence of your message. The naked presenter approaches the presentation task embracing the ideas of simplicity, clarity, honesty, integrity, and passion.

According to this post, you should “Present naked to the board of directors”.


Twitter campaign

To my knowledge, Citrix is one of the first to use a Twitter hashtag in a billboard campaign (Twitter is a social media and a hashtag is a keyword helping people categorize the information. The # symbol is preceding the keyword.)

For the campaign,  Citrix have chosen the hashtag #getnaked and they are suggesting people to publish their story on Twitter.

You can search Twitter with the hashtag and see the contributions of the users.

The campaign is not targeting the technological challenged people. It is targeting those who use and understand those technologies.

Citrix is innovating with this campaign in leveraging the social media. Good move.

We will see more and more of this kind of campaign


Some fun

On the lighter side, here are some of the gems I found searching Twitter with the #getnaked hashtag.

New Zealand airline video Car snow working from home


Share with me: What do you think of this Citrix campaign?


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Posted by: Denis Francois Gravel


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