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How to share one year of walking across China

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If you walk 4646 kilometers across China, how can you share your experience with your relative back home? How can you give them the « feeling » of your incredible journey?

One option is to do a time lapse video of your travel. That’s what Christoph Rehage has done.

He walked through China from November 2007 to November 2008. He is sharing his experience in the above video. No words. No speech. Only images, dates, places….and one question.

An awesome question.

Watch the video and look for the hair change, the growing beard and the question at the end.


For more information about Christoph Rehage journey, visit his blog.


Source: Guy Kawasaki


Share with me: Did that video touched you? Do you have similar experience to share? Which medium did you used?


Posted by Denis François Gravel

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