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An excellent book to improve your presentations

I just finished reading the book “presentationzen” from Garr Reynolds. Wow! It’s a fantastic book. It will change the way you will do your next presentations.Screenshot - 2009-03-16 , 21_14_51

Garr is the author of one of the most popular blogs about presentation.

In his book, he gave you advice for the preparation, the design and the delivery of your presentations.

Everything is well explained and easy to understand. And of course, the design of the book is marvellous.

It’s a pleasure for the mind and for the eyes. It’s a must for everybody who does presentation.

I also suggest that you follow Garr on is blog

To buy the book: Amazon

To read Garr’s blog: Presentation Zen


Share with me: Which book have you read to improve your presentation ability?

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