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12 Biggest Mistakes Business Presenters Make!

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I am always surprised to discover that one of the biggest mistakes presenters do is still: Reading the slides.

With all the information about speaking and presenting, easily available to everybody , I don’t understand. There are free blogs, books, articles.

Jim Cronin, author of the blog ProSpeaker Tips, has published the results of a survey

Forty “Big Hitters” responded to our survey asking them to highlight the biggest mistakes they see a business presenter making.

Of the twelve mistake, I have chosen 3 unforgivable one. They are the first things a presenter should correct.

2.  Reading your slides – time and time again, the “Big Hitters” said, “I can read, it’s a core competence in my job!”  Incidentally, you shouldn’t have your script  your slides in the first place!

3.  Too much content on the slides – there are no prizes for filling your slides with words and complex graphics, it’s about connecting with your audience, not bamboozling them.

11. Lack of belief and passion – if you can’t show enthusiasm for your proposition, how can you expect anyone else to! (It’s not hard, this stuff, is it?)

If you avoid those 3 unforgivable mistake, you will be on the top better half of the presenters. However, I suggest that you read all the 12 mistakes to be sure not to do them.

Source: ProSpeaker Tips via @OliviaMitchell


Share with me: What are the biggest mistakes you saw presenter make?


Posted by: Denis Francois Gravel


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