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I Present Naked to the Board of Directors

New stunning campaign from Citrix for is GoToMeeting solution. A true eyes catching ad, with an intriguing message. How can you be naked to present to the board or to collaborate with coworkers? (see picture beside from Los Angeles Airport). You have to use GoToMeeting. It is a solution for online meeting. The message is […]

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Creative ad – A Bus Stop with a Tuque

A bus stop wearing a tuque!! I saw one on twitpic today, I know it is cold in Quebec City (I leave there), but this is really funny. It is real creativity. Thanks to @LaGeeke for the information and the picture. As you can see the tuque is related to the milk ad. It is […]

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How to create a magazine cutout look for your next presentation

. Does all the corporate presentation look the same? Boring plain corporate template? David Anderson demonstrates, in this online tutorial, how to create a different slide design for your next presentation. It is a magazine cutout look. . . This tutorial is for E-learning Design and Development. However, as it is based on PowerPoint, we […]

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Compte rendu du colloque Génération C (2e journée)

21 octobre 2009. Québec. Deuxième et dernière journée du colloque Génération C. Compte rendu en accord avec mon champ d’intérêt : La présentabilité. . . Twitter en direct Un changement depuis hier. Le nom des « Tweeters » apparait maintenant à l’écran. J’avais relevé ce manque dans mon billet précédant. Un autre bon point pour […]

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Compte rendu du colloque Génération C

Colloque « Génération C » Aujourd’hui débutait à Québec le colloque international « Génération C » organisé par le CEFRIO. Compte rendu et observations. Mise en garde Pour les nouveaux lecteurs, ce blogue traite de la « présentabilité ». C’est-à-dire : l’habileté à présenter ses idées, son organisation, ses produits, sa personne. C’est donc sous […]

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I had 15 seconds of fame at Quebec City summer festival

Quebec City Summer Festival gave me 15 seconds of fame* this week. The summer festival innovates this year by using a 2.0 strategy. They use Twitter to keep in touch with the festivalgoers. You can follow them here: @InfoFestiBell They tweet about upcoming events of the day and they tweet live during shows. Their tweets […]

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How to use Twitter for local news

Let's create specific hashtags for local news. Hashtags beginning with #news and the name of the city or an acronym. Here are some examples: #newsqc: Local news for Quebec City. #newsmtl: Local news for Montreal City. #newsla: Local news for Los Angeles. #newsno: Local news for New Orleans. Etc.

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