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How to create a magazine cutout look for your next presentation

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Does all the corporate presentation need to look the same? Boring plain corporate template?

David Anderson demonstrates, in this online tutorial, how to create a different slide design for your next presentation. It is a magazine cutout look.


Picture : Magazine Cutout Effect for your presentation


This tutorial is for E-learning Design and Development. However, as it is based on PowerPoint, we can use some of its ideas for public speaking.

By David Anderson. You can reach him on Twitter (@elearning) & at multimedialearning.com


UPDATE: Vivek Singh published some pertinent observations about this magazine cutout look:

1. Situation: You need to know when to use this technique and how. This template design should be used for informal situations and definitely not for quarterly review presentations. However, marketers and advertising professionals do have some more ‘creative’ liberty to use it in formal settings.

You can read his observation in his blog


Share with me: What astonishing slide design did you saw lately?

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