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How to respect allowed time

A common problem in public speaking is having too much materiel to present and not enough time. As a consequence, speakers take more time than allowed. It annoyed the audience and put pressure on the following speakers and on the organization. How can you avoid doing this? I was a guest speaker last weekend at […]

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3 Presentation Tips – Interview sneak peek

I am not sure it was a good idea to accept this interview. While I was driving, ideas where popping in my head. How is it possible to have something to say to fill 25 min? Will I be interesting? You know, that kind of thing. It took less than 2 minutes to Davender to […]

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Why You Should Put Less Text in Your Slides

Most people complain about boring presentation that uses slides that looks like walls of text. The brain don’t have the ability to listen et read all that text at the same time. According to Microsoft, the average slide shows 40 words. The BBC published an interesting article about the subject You think bullet points make […]

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7 Speaking Lessons from Pecha Kucha Quebec

. . I learned a few lessons from this week second Pecha Kucha in Quebec City. The event was held in “Le Cercle” on Tuesday night. For those not familiar with this formulas, each speaker present his project or his ideas in 20 pictures. The pictures changes automatically after 20 seconds. So, you have 6min […]

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How to reduce the text in your slides

Too often, we come across a speaker who puts way too much text on it slide. Text is good for reading. Got it? READING. Not listening. Which means that if you put text on your slides, the audience will read it INSTEAD of listening to you. A bit of text can be fine. However, too […]

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Bye Bye Polaroid…

Sometimes, the best way to explain an emotion or a concept is a good image. Here is a fantastic tribute to Polaroid. Pure genius. It is from Phil Jones, a designer from Minneapolis. He was inspired by this article about the slow death of Polaroid. Click on the picture for a larger version. Words are […]

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Audience will not understand your numbers

It is hard for the human brain to conceptualize huge numbers. It is simply out of reach. If you present huge numbers to an audience, you have to keep that fact in mind. As a speaker, we need to translate those numbers into something more concrete, understandable, digestible. Today, I came across this illustration of […]

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