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Audience will not understand your numbers

It is hard for the human brain to conceptualize huge numbers. It is simply out of reach. If you present huge numbers to an audience, you have to keep that fact in mind. As a speaker, we need to translate those numbers into something more concrete, understandable, digestible. Today, I came across this illustration of […]

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To boldly go beyond pie chart

Pie charts and bar graphs are used everyday in presentations, meetings or reports. We are used to them…..and sometimes bored by them. It is possible to add some creativity in the data presentation. If you have a creative visualisation, you will keep your audience attention instead of boring them.

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Browsers War

This representation is clean and effective. I particularly love the dead browsers. Source:

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Simple Christmas tree

For Christmas, a nice ad from « Publicis », an agency from Singapore. It’s simple and effective. A nice way to wish Merry Christmas. For a larger format, click on the picture or visit the Web Page Source:

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