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Bye Bye Polaroid…

Sometimes, the best way to explain an emotion or a concept is a good image. Here is a fantastic tribute to Polaroid. Pure genius. It is from Phil Jones, a designer from Minneapolis. He was inspired by this article about the slow death of Polaroid. Click on the picture for a larger version. Words are […]

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Speak with Emotions

Yesterday, i attend some conference at lunch time. The young women sitting next to me wasn’t eating. She looked preoccupied. When she got up, left the table et started her presentation, i understood why she wasn’t eating. She was the speaker and she was nervous to speak in front of a group of people. In […]

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Simple Christmas tree

For Christmas, a nice ad from « Publicis », an agency from Singapore. It’s simple and effective. A nice way to wish Merry Christmas. For a larger format, click on the picture or visit the Web Page Source:

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