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More Creative Business Cards

Thanks to WebUrbanist for that collection of 15 creative business cards. Source: 15 of the World’s Most Brilliant Business Card Designs | WebUrbanist Technorati Tags: Presentability,Business Card

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Lego Business….Cards

Take a look at Lego news business….cards. It’s a figurine with their name and information print on it. Take a look at the pictures. Cool! It grab the attention and it differentiate you from the mass. I wonder how you carry those business cards in your pocket? Or where you put them when your back […]

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Creative & effective business cards

Presentability is in every aspect of our lives. Business cards is often overlooked by organisation. Regularly, we see plain and dull cards. This one is quit explicit. We instantly understand the nature of the business. That’s good presentability. Fore more examples, follow the link in the “Source”. Share with me: Does your business card as […]

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